Lyrical Expressions

I am pleased to show 25 paintings at Place Des Arts in the Lenore Peyton Gallery on till February 10th, 2018. Please call ahead for viewing times: 604-664-1636. Featuring abstracted landscapes and impressions. The video on my studio shows some of the work, as well as some preparations such as varnishing and painting edges.

Lyrical Expression Show Invite – Jane’s Studio In her Burnaby Studio, Jane sends out an Invitation to a New Art Show and introduces her largest oil painting to date, a 48 x 48 “Mountain Meadow”.

Transitions; Plein Air to Abstraction – SOLO SHOW

58 Original Paintings to view in one lovely exhibit – Hope you can make it before it ends! April – May 4th in Canadian Pacific Gallery (Main Floor)

This show is a juxtaposition of small paintings completed outdoors and larger expressive abstracts, informed by the plein air works. In the larger works, details of subject are diminished and emotional brushwork and abstract elements predominate. This is also a First time exhibit of selected video paintings from my YouTube Channel.  I am very pleased to show this latest collection oils, acrylics and watercolours together. Thank you to Janice Cotter for her display expertise!

Port Moody Arts Centre 2425 St. Johns Street
Port Moody, BC V3H 2B2
Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri: 12pm – 8pm, Tues/Thur 10am – 8pm, Sat/Sun.: 10am – 4pm

Thank you for your continued support, Jane

Abstract from the Mountain

Let it Snow

What is it about a white landscape that seems to give us a sense of peace or joy? For me it is a pause from the changing magnificent colours always calling me to paint while establishing a sense of awe or majesty. The first brushing of snow on the mountains brings a twinkle of light to the darker days of winter and seems to reflect more intently God’s presence in nature. Light, after all, is a beautiful thing but impossible to capture with paint. We only can offer to reflect it on the white of the canvas or in white paint. None the less, we artists venture out to bring the effect of light into our work, similarly as snow covered mountains do on a clear day. May the Light of the World bring you joy and peace this season too. Merry Christmas and Happy Celebrations! Enjoy these videos and Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!





Fallen Leaves

While in the beautiful setting of Lynn Valley, the fallen leaves on the ground lead me on paths of colour investigation and admiration of natures changing seasons. The linear patterns of bare trees and intertwined branches also called to be investigated – and for me that was with paint (as can be seen in my videos below).
With limited daylight of the evening and the cooler shadows in the valley I sensed a depth of cold coming upon me like that of winter on a tree. The bright colours I put in my painting helped me feel warmer though I was aware of the darker and colder days that lay ahead.
With the busy season upon us, of intertwined activity and the year coming to an end, may we remain steadfast like the trees left without their leaves ready to receive the new growth that always follows.
Wishing you and yours much warmth in your hearts and homes this season. Jane



Rhythms of the Moment

The rhythmic flow of Lynn Creek was perfect for another set of painting videos just before the colder weather set in. I managed to paint and film on location another 37 Stroke painting; this time in acrylic focusing on rhythms and colour play of the moment. I first collected leaves for counting my strokes to get in the tempo of the place and to get some cues for pushing colour…. from green to yellow to red. I thought if leaves could do it so could I. The shorter video is fast motion of my painting to music and the explained version shows how I paint the scene with commentary. I hope you may enjoy these expressions of the rhythm of the place and the ones my brush suggested. Best wishes, Jane




Inspired by Line

Where do you draw the line? For me, I’ve put a number of them all over my paintings… and keep crossing them. Not only do lines make forms but I have discovered that playful line can imply expression by the way it is applied. This type of line is fun to explore and is what I present in my latest videos for you to watch and enjoy. Thanks for being on Artist Reflections!

Jane Appleby – Lynn Headwaters – Acrylic Line Study – Fast Motion

At the edge of Lynn Headwaters, with my new painting hat, I bring out some of my favourite art books and comment on the various artist’s use of line as inspiration for my own work which is featured in fast motion to music.

___________________________________________________________________ 15:03


We are more than flesh and bone, and what we own; what we do or not do, while our inner spirit cries out to live… and live well. Thinking more about these things, I start to appreciate the natural beauty around me and what I feel is in my own heart. I realize my painting is just a small part of who I am but it is something that I can share with others in hopes that it inspires More…More of who we are – and I believe that is more beautiful than we realize.

Please enjoy watching this video:



The Burrard Inlet at Cate’s Park is the backdrop of this painting video where Jane was inspired to use a direct approach to painting with watercolors. Here I  explain that watercolours are often worked from light to dark, and that one has to keep in mind the white of the paper for the light areas of the painting while painting around those areas. I shows how she adds forms including the distant hillside, trees and waves close to shore and puts the last touches of evening glow into this on location painting.