Creative Passion


Discovering Creativity – What is its fascination? It can be all consuming, the only focus of the entire day and even an obsession of sorts. It may involve a different start, a thought captured on paper, another unfolding journey perhaps down an untried path, a new process, unusual materials or even a mistake. These all fuel the fire for more creating and more discoveries. The mundane, unchanged and essential practices, however, are just as important to creating and may even build creative passion. The creative activity becomes a temporary retrieve from the usual situations so to include them willingly may actually help. Passions need not be obsessive and the difference between obsessions and passions I believe, is that obsessions tend to own and drain you while passions free you to create. I have found that there is not one particular way to keep one’s creative passion alive and trial and error seem to be the best teacher. Creative passion can be practiced by being trustingly open to receiving this gift, which I believe we are predisposed to, whether its in solitude, by making conversation or taking action. It takes a certain choice to let go of control and a thankfulness for what we can do and what we have ….even if it is an empty canvas, since a lot can happen from there. Are we willing to surrender to it? Jane

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