Enhance your art with Abstract Components

Hi friends, I am just learning how to use my new website and found that I can let you know about my events through these Posts. So here is another event that I hope may be of interest: Mar. 26th Thursday evening 6-8pm at the Port Moody Arts Centre: Abstract Components with Jane Appleby. Everyone is welcome.

Jane's Abstract Class

I am hoping that this powerpoint, talk and discussion (and optional short sketching exercise) will be of benefit to you or someone you know. You do not have to be an artist but may find you are one after this session :).

I have found that painting is not merely copying a subject well or using a set of guidelines to follow. Realist artist Robert Batemen in a lecture showed the audience how he uses abstract work of famous artists as templates for his design. I have also learned from other art mentors about their take on abstraction and put together a powerpoint and talk on “Expressionism and Abstraction” that I will be sharing.

Of course, we can not fully understand any work of art, let alone our own, however taking an evening out to hear another artist’s point of view can be  enlightening and hopefully helps expand our creativity.

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Thanks from Jane

Other classes are on my website. Check out some large abstracts and new works on my website. Enjoy!

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