We are more than flesh and bone, and what we own; what we do or not do, while our inner spirit cries out to live… and live well. Thinking more about these things, I start to appreciate the natural beauty around me and what I feel is in my own heart. I realize my painting is just a small part of who I am but it is something that I can share with others in hopes that it inspires More…More of who we are – and I believe that is more beautiful than we realize.

Please enjoy watching this video:



The Burrard Inlet at Cate’s Park is the backdrop of this painting video where Jane was inspired to use a direct approach to painting with watercolors. Here I  explain that watercolours are often worked from light to dark, and that one has to keep in mind the white of the paper for the light areas of the painting while painting around those areas. I shows how she adds forms including the distant hillside, trees and waves close to shore and puts the last touches of evening glow into this on location painting.

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