Outside Looking In

Daffodiles on Galiano- 11 x14, Jane Appleby I salvaged these last remaining daffodils, not quite ready for the compost, and placed them in a mason jar. Then, as a bright yellow bunch void of any surrounding dried debris, they displayed a beautiful presence about them.

Though I was outside and could chose to paint the drama of the ocean or gesturing of the majestic maple or towering evergreens, it was this humble collection that beckoned my investigation.

The contrast of the solid primary colour against the transparency of the jar, with it’s dappling reflections, was what intrigued me and begged to be painted.

As I layered the oils strategically this subject presented not only a challenge to work through but also a meditative reflection on what held beautiful things.

It made me think about human hearts, and what they would reveal to hold if transparent to us. Would they contain remnants of what created life’s beautiful garden and offer something meaningful?

I continued to paint more transparent jars into the background as my imagination unfolded and decided to leave the contents of those jars open to interpretation.

Though I was outside, I was looking in: into my imagination, into my heart and into my world that hopes to bring joy to others… from inside out.

Happy Springtime to all, Jane




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