Primary Elements

Primary Elements 3

Primary Elements 3 – Mixed Media

What actually is a painting? What actually matters?

Upon reflection of my earlier explorations in mixed media I came to the conclusion that what one decides are the primary elements are what matter.

Are black and white enough or is an addition of a colour or two, or three, that will make all the difference. Including the essential is not that clear cut I have found. Even if representing a subject, the primary way for that artist to accomplish this requires abstracting reality and honing in on what is essential in the scene – not easily explained.

Keep it simple say the experts. Less is more, only primary colours are needed, and stop before you think you’re finished can all be helpful ideas but can be perplexing to implement and not that simple after all.

What then is the minimum that is needed: One stroke, a continuos line or just a dot? How do these first marks of the artist play out while interconnecting every aspect of the painting. No, it’s not just “close your eyes and render” – although it could be. In my eyes, what is primarily needed is Desire: desire to… feel, think, learn, start, try, implement, express, explore, render, remember, cherish, analyze, grow, share, and even love.

So to the painting I go where my primary impulses are played out, deconstruction of ideas occur and organization of the primary elements of the painting sing their song.

The primary reason to create?…It’s elementary my dear friend- or is it?

If you can, please come to view the Primary Elements Series at Port Moody Arts Centre till March. 27th, 2015.


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