In this world of visual art it seems that each new painting starts with seeing. Seeing what is in front of us, what is inside of us and what is about to be. Visualization becomes as important as implementation of the artist’s past experiences and skills. Painting, I have found, is a balance between imagination and reality where both live on the same page with endless explorations occurring simultaneously right before ones eyes. For me it is like watching a good drama: I see the paint become my characters, the colour their mood and intensity their expression. This then involves looking intently while filtering out for a moment what is to be included or not. It is a look and see process. Then the whole thing starts all over again like a similar story unfolding yet with a different ending. Seeing is believing and believing is seeing. I think it is good to practice “seeing” all that we can. If it seems difficult, perhaps we should ask for “better sight”. Jane

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