Last week I attended artist Robert Genn’s celebration of life and realized even more how much he and his art contributed to his family, friends and admirers.

The late artist’s antique Bentley was parked outside as if he had arrived in it to be with us – perhaps he had. I snapped a picture going in and then felt compelled to paint the car when I left.

It was getting late however, so I decided to do a quick sketch outside in the tradition of Bob Genn’s 37 minute exercise. I took a micron pen to my sketch book and gestured the outline, redrew the lights and boxed in the windows just in time before the family piled into the car. “We’re not leaving just yet” his son reassured, possibly thinking I was drawing a detailed sketch his dad was know to do at car shows.
For me it was an expression of gratitude to remember the day we celebrated a life passionately lived – a type of Antiquity perhaps.

I was trying, in Robert’s words as shared by his daughter Sara: to “be happy and have a beautiful life”.

He started each day with “What do I want to do today”, which led to his meaningful life and beautiful paintings that undoubtably blessed many.

My last few meetings with Robert inspired my latest abstract and plein air series. He will be remembered and I am thankful for having known a true artist and mentor.

So what do you want to do today? …As for me, I’m already doing it:
Sending You My Best Wishes! Jane

P.S. Here is Sara Genn sharing about her dad: Sara Genn’s Celebration Speech

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